Monday, 5 December 2011


Online learning also known as E-learning that is a learning experience delivered via a computer and the internet.  Besides, Internet has many online learning opportunities that will allow us to gain a higher education, learn new skills and become more marketable. Then, online learning is one of the method educational that growing in popularity as cost as effective method. It providing access to education for a large population. The greatest benefits of online learning is because of the flexibility of time,location and other. For instance, most courses were allowed students to complete work at their own pace and convenience plus with enough time to spare.

Second, we can get an education according to our own schedule and can do it from our home.  In fact, thousands of working people have been able to increase their knowledge and job skills without ever having to enter a classroom. Then, the interaction of student increased. By having an interactive class for student, they can share their views and ask questions of other learners all around the globe. It also can reduced  Money and time on lecture notes and organizing our materials. E-mail one of the way in online learning that we can used.
The best thing in online learning is it will improve our life skills in technology. The disadvantages of online learning is Potential for less interaction. Online learning limits the amount of public speaking practice us gain from in class presentations and discussions, something that is naturally built into a traditionally structured class.  Then,we will missing out on non verbal communication.  It’s hard to see non verbal communication online.  We still need face to face with people. No facilities like libraries, computer labs, research labs, study areas and more. Online learning can't always provide these helpful tools. We must be able to organize our time and to do the work of the course. If we typically depend on class peers to motivate us, online education may be tough for us because are, in some ways, on our own. I like to conclude that online learning has its prons and cons then. We need to choose the best in our life. Online learning can learn anywhere and anytime but we must organize our time correctly without waste it.  It was a new learning experience in our life.

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